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Junior Research Assistant Certification

The Junior Research Assistant Certification will be presented to all PCRi Students who successfully complete the following four requirements.


Requirements to be certified:

  1. Attend 80% of all PCRi lessons live (all missed sessions must be made up)

  2. Attend ALL sessions with your Research Mentor

  3. Apply what you have learned to develop a Capstone Project (includes research proposal and poster slide)

  4. Present at our Capstone Project Showcase

  5. Can display proficiency in the research techniques for their course. 

Research techniques:



Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

DNA Extraction

DNA Sequencing

Restriction Enzyme Digestion

RNA Sequencing

Immunofluorescent Staining


Transgenic Animal Models

Protein Extraction and Fractionation

Western Blotting



Computer Programming

Data Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Experimental Research Methods

Reading and Understanding Academic Papers

Performing a Literature Review

Formulating Testable Research Questions



Finding and organizing sources

Writing a literature review

Formulating a research question

Reading critically for research

Presenting a research project

Analyzing literary texts

Analyzing primary historical sources

Historiographical research

Contextualization of sources

Formatting a humanities research paper

Steps to approach a humanities research paper



Determining Construct validity

Determining Internal validity

Determining External validity

Reading and understanding Academic Papers

Performing Literature reviews

Formulating a research question

Identifying independent variables

Identifying dependent variables

Identifying confounding factors

Understanding the building blocks of a Social Sciences Research Paper

Understanding the various fields of social science research

Connecting research to modern-day issues

Understanding the importance of social science research

Ability to come up with a research proposal

Pursue student’s interests in social sciences


Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in the student not receiving a PCRi Junior Research Assistant Certificate.


Make-Up Policy:

Watch the recording of your Zoom class and send a 2-3 paragraph summary to the Director of your course.

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