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About Us

The Pre-College Research Institute, PCRi, is a nonprofit devoted to combating unequal representation in academia and research by unlocking the potential of passionate high school students through providing foundational knowledge, mentorship, and direct resources for them to enter the historically inaccessible field of research.


At PCRi, we teach, train, and inspire passionate high schoolers to develop a scholarly identity and then connect them with interactive research experiences- all for free. We prioritize applicants from underrepresented backgrounds that have not had the opportunity to discover the world of scholarly research. This allows us to teach students from these backgrounds foundational skills within their research interests (1 semester virtual course) and facilitate the process of placing them in research positions; therefore, the number of individuals from traditionally marginalized communities working in academic research is directly increased.

Students will learn to be well-versed in interdisciplinary research techniques, have a solid ethical foundation, possess the tools to analyze primary research literature, and complete a personal research proposal under the mentorship of professional researchers in our network.

Students in a Science Class

Our Mission

To inspire high school students from underrepresented communities to discover the world of research by providing the foundational knowledge, mentorship, and direct research experiences for them to thrive.

Our Vision

One day, the research field will be as diverse as the communities it serves.

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