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PCRi Alumni Program

All PCRi students who successfully complete the introductory virtual education course and research experience will become PCRi Junior Researchers. These students are supported throughout the school year by alumni programming that seeks to expand on their newfound research knowledge through individualized matching to research opportunities in their area of interest, supplemental workshops, and additional enrichment opportunities.


The Research Programming and Mentorship committee will work closely to match each Junior Researcher with a research project conducted by one of PCRi’s partnered research mentors. Students will have the exciting opportunity to assist these professional researchers with cutting-edge initiatives that will allow them to build on the techniques and fundamental knowledge taught in our virtual research course. All partnered projects will be carefully chosen with respect to the CDC’s evolving guidelines on COVID-19 and in accordance with the child-labor laws of the state where they are hosted. 


Supplemental Workshops: 

PCRi board members and affiliates will hold workshops a minimum of once a month on topics that will advance Junior Researchers’ understanding of their field of interest, assist them with college applications, and provide professional development opportunities. 


  1. STEM workshops will focus on important skills, such as ‘Introduction to R’, ‘Histochemistry’, or ‘A Deep Dive into Single-Cell RNA seq, that will assist students in the daily operations of their Research Project.

  2. Liberal Arts workshops will focus on important skills, such as ‘Interviewing Research Subjects: Tips and Tricks’, ‘Rhetorical Analysis in Contemporary Literature’, or ‘Citation Strategies for Success’

  3. Other workshops will be co-curricular and focus on supporting the Junior Researchers through their last years of high school. Topics of focus will include planning for college applications, developing organizational skills, sharing studying tips, or stress management techniques.


Additional Enrichment Opportunities:

PCRi Junior Researchers will continue to be mentored throughout the year by the PCRi education team. Students will be invited to frequent research roundtables with other Junior Researchers to discuss their experiences contributing to their research project and build successful problem solving strategies.

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