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Our Impact

Research education makes a quantifiable difference in a child's life and we have the data to prove it.

160 Students

5120 Hours


40 Research


Business Meeting

A Data Driven Organization

To assess student performance and measure their growth over time, comprehensive data tracking assessments are conducted prior to and after their participation in the program. Growth on Key Performance Indicators is analyzed after each PCRi Program.


Final_Summer 2021 Data Tracking Summary_External-2.jpg
A Young Man in the Library

Social Sciences

Final_Summer 2021 Data Tracking Summary_External-4.jpg

Math & Physics

Final_Summer 2021 Data Tracking Summary_External-3.jpg
Math Teacher

Ability to Pursue a Career in Research

All participants were asked "Do you believe that you can pursue a career in research?" and asked to rate their belief on a scale from 1 (Not at All) to 5 (Definitely).

Significant increases in participant belief in their ability to pursue a career in research were reported after participation in the program.

Final_Summer 2021 Data Tracking Summary_External-5.jpg
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