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Capstone Project

The PCRi Capstone Project will consist of students producing a Research Proposal Presentation over the course of a month under the advisement of research mentors from universities across the country. Refer to our research programming page for more information about the process.


The Research Proposal Presentation for all subjects will include:


  1. An introduction and/or abstract of some sort

  2. A literature review of primary sources

  3. A unique research question and hypothesis (students work closely with mentors to develop this)

    1. Look at PCRi alumni profiles for examples of previous research questions.  

  4. A methods section highlighting the students’ acquired technical knowledge. (Refer here for a list of the skills taught in each subject)


After compiling the necessary information, students will put together one powerpoint slide summarizing their research proposal that will be presented to their peers, teachers, research mentors, guest speakers, families, other PCRi board members, and the PCRi board of advisors during our annual Research Capstone Presentations. 


Throughout the process of preparing their capstone project, PCRi students will show proficiency in:


  • Finding, analyzing, and comprehending primary literature

  • Verbally explaining advanced concepts and techniques

  • Generating a research question based on existing findings

  • Creating visual representations of scientific ideas/academic theories

  • Presenting final projects to many members of the community. 

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