Get Involved

At the Pre-College Research Institute, we are always looking for people who share our vision of making research accessible to all.


Check out the many ways you can get involved!

Are you interested in teaching a course in Biology, Math and Physics, Humanities, or Social Sciences? Would you like to help recruit students and mentors to join PCRi? Apply to our leadership team!


We invite passionate researchers to share their invaluable experiences and insights with our students to inspire them to explore all that research has to offer. If you are interested in being a guest speaker, apply now!


We are looking for researchers who are interested in virtually mentoring high school students who come from historically excluded backgrounds in research.

Mentorship can involve introducing your mentee to your field, projects in your lab, and published research papers, including your own. Additionally, all mentors guide their students through a final Capstone Project.


We enthusiastically welcome research mentors from all fields and institutions. 


We are committed to making research accessible to our students, even after completion of the program.


Therefore, we are looking for researchers who are willing to give PCRi alumni the opportunity to assist with research projects in your labs.